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Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of Household Clutter

It’s that time of the year again – after being shut up all winter, the windows can finally be opened and fresh, spring air can flow through the house (for a little while at least…unless you want that lovely yellow pollen dust to coat every surface). Flowers are blooming, trees are getting their leaves, and the feeling of newness is in the air. Yes folks, spring is here and with that – at our house – comes spring cleaning. The start of spring, in combination with my third trimester hormones and the fact we’ll soon have four little people to share...

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Spring Sensory Activities

We’ve been playing outside a lot lately, but have also been taking a few breaks and welcoming spring with some indoor fun too.  Some of our activities recently include: {{ Dissolving Easter Eggs }} Both boys have been having a lot of fun with our “Dissolving Easter Eggs.” Just like our “science experiment” where we played with vinegar and baking soda to create bubbles, this one involves dissolving a baking soda “egg” using vinegar, revealing a small treat once all of the baking soda has been removed. To make, simply mix baking soda with small parts water and food coloring (you...

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Bouncing Back from Baby

Hello World! Our newest baby is just over 12 weeks old, which means by now things are running smoothly in our house. We have a good daily routine down. The house is clean, dinner is made every night, and I end the day feeling like I’ve accomplished everything on my to do list. HA! Just kidding. Twelve weeks after the birth of our fourth baby and I’m still just squeezing by on most days. Getting anywhere on time is a minor miracle, breakfast for dinner has become a regular thing, and don’t even ask me when the last time...

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Child Passenger Safety Week | Sept. 18-24

Now that the school year and fall extracurricular activities are underway, many more of us are taking to the roads to drive our kids from place to place. Studies show seven out of 10 children ride in car seats that have not been installed correctly, or are in the wrong car seats for their age and size. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the vast majority of parents honestly believe their child seats are installed correctly, which means it’s entirely possible that you or I might be among them! In honor of Child Passenger Safety Week (September 18th – 24th),...

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