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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness: Acknowledging the Loss of a Baby

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month; since then, many families in countries world-wide acknowledge October 15 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day with the lighting of a candle at 7 p.m. I am sad but honored to write today’s post in honor of many friends and acquaintances who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or newborn. Over ten years ago, a high school classmate delivered stillborn babies and at the time, I didn’t realize how common this occurrence was. As I grew older and knew more women who became...

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Eating Healthy on the Go: Tips from a Health Coach

Earlier in 2014, I worked with a health coach who also happens to be a friend, while I was adjusting some things in my diet. Merritt, at Zing Wellness, shared so many great ideas on how to find the right foods to address certain issues (I was particularly dealing with some intolerances that she helped pinpoint), helped me strategize how to handle potentially tough situations, and even convinced me to give up caffeine, which was huge and something I am so glad I did! This month, with my teaching kicking back into gear, grad school classes starting and my...

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Breastfeeding: Finding the Right Kind of Support

Breastfeeding can be an uphill battle for many mamas. Every mother has a different experience and it’s easy to have conflicting feelings about what’s right. When I was pregnant with Molly, I knew I wanted to breastfeed her and I didn’t put any expectations out there about how long I planned to nurse her. I really didn’t know how it would work out; I had many friends who did three to six months and then transitioned to formula, so I knew that was an option, but I had also read about and talked to a few other moms (including my...

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Your Tribe: It Really Does Take a Village

“It takes a village.” We’ve all heard – and probably uttered – these words before. When I became a mom almost five years ago, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of family, friends and neighbors. There were so many offers for help that I didn’t know how to accept. As I’ve grown into my role as mom, I have finally realized how important those kind offers are, not just for me but the ones offering help too. And I’ve also learned to say, “Yes, thank you!” to pretty much all offers. When you have one newborn, most...

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What’s For Dinner?

It’s the dreaded question: What’s for dinner? If left to my own devices, I’d have cheese and crackers or something else not categorized as dinner most nights. When we were first married, my husband knew that mowing the grass and cooking dinner were not high on my priority list. I love food. I love to eat, find new ideas and share recipes. I just don’t enjoy the act of cooking. I keep saying that my teeny-tiny kitchen with it’s 2 square feet of counter space and a 1940s oven are the reasons I don’t like to cook, and maybe...

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