My kids eat only three kinds of protein:

1. Chicken nuggets

2. Peanut butter

3. Hot dogs

So, you might imagine my elation upon discovering that all Circle K locations in Charlotte are offering up $1 hot dogs July 17-23, 2017!

Seriously, ladies, that’s like one-third of their meal rotation! And, I don’t have to do anything besides roll-up to my local Circle K and plop those badboys into a bun. Badabingbadaboom.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s that? Your kid eats a steady diet of kale and fennel leaf smoothies? You grind your own wheat to make your own bread, which is smothered in jam that you canned from the fresh berry bushes adorning your estate? Well, golly. Good for you! But, head’s up, this post likely won’t apply to you. Bye.]

Back to the task at hand…holy hot dogs, you guys. It’s Dollar Dogs at Circle K stores in Charlotte all week!

My first day there was yesterday—National Hot Dog Day—so I got five of them. Naturally. Because it’s a national holiday for goodness sake! One must celebrate such things, amirite?

That’s $5. Took those wieners home and served them with a large plate of fruits and vegetables that neither child touched. Yay, balance!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s that? You have enough time (and money) to prepare your child a four-course meal with all organic, cagé-free and locally sourced food? Or, did you just say that your child has a refined taste palate suitable only to French food and anything made by the writers of Kewl! Stop reading.]

So, here we are, chowing down on Dollar Dogs from Circle K at my kitchen table.

My four year old likes to spread sprinkles all over her hot dogs. [That’s normal, right?] To be clear, she dots just about everything with rainbow sprinkles these days—like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and big, steaming bowls of mac & cheese. Delish!

My almost-two-year-old eats hot dogs like most paranoid moms’ children—cut up into the teeniest-tiniest of non-chokeable pieces. She paired her dinner with a pouch of applesauce and a pouch of yogurt. POUCHES FTW!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s that? Your family just started a totally raw diet to encourage their bodies to naturally cleanse of toxins? You spend dinnertime teaching the kids to meditate on their inner chokras? FUN! This topic isn’t resonating with you, eh?]

So, cheers to Circle K for hooking up us normal folk this week with Dollar Dogs!

Between swim lessons and tutoring, summer camp and beating the daily commute, coming home to make a delicious, well-balanced and home-cooked meal for a bunch of picky eaters every night of the week is basically impossible. And, honestly, horrible.

And, if your kids are anything like mine, this deal fulfills 33% of their diet. #WINNING

So, get to your nearest Circle K in Charlotte before July 23 to get in on the hot-dog-hot-dog-hot-diggedy-dog action.




Disclosure of Material Connection: I received sponsorship from Circle K. Please note that writing a positive review was not a prerequisite to receiving the sponsorship. The opinions within this blog are 100% my own. Really. No joke.