5 Myths and Facts About Looking Like Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman flick came out on June 2, and, as with all superhero movies, the transformation of the lead character is a big part of the story. In this case, there’s a lot of talk about Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Here are five myths and truths about looking like a superhero (PLUS: directions to enter to win the opportunity to see Wonder Woman in theaters are at the bottom):


Myth: It only take “5 easy moves” to look Like Wonder Woman.

Fact: Nobody transforms his or her body with any five moves. Transforming your body requires transforming your entire life. The 20- to 30-minute routines from fitness magazines that promise a superhero body can’t burn enough calories to make a dent in your body-fat levels; and easy exercise doesn’t even maintain muscle—let alone build it.


Myth: It’s all diet.

Fact: Her “secret” isn’t her diet—nor is it strength training or supplements. Her secret is that there is no secret. For exercise, she does strength training three days a week with a trainer, two days of “homework,” and many hours of very strenuous stunt training. For nutrition, she eats a calorie-controlled, high-protein diet with very few exceptions. And, for recovery, she sleeps a minimum of nine hours per night. Also, it’s important to mention, that she was the 2004 Miss Israel before doing any of the above.


Myth: Looking like Wonder Woman would make your life awesome.

Fact: Looking like Wonder Woman (or any other superhero) takes an army of support (chef, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) and is a full-time job. The DIY version of this would consume your entire life. It would require you to give up all meals in restaurants and other people’s homes, being hungry, religiously getting 9-10 hours of sleep per night and always exercising 7-15 hours each week. This doesn’t leave much time or energy (especially when you’re hangry!) for your family, friends, career, etc.


Myth: Gal looks like Wonder Woman all of the time

Fact: Even with all her hard work and support, there is still “peaking” that must be done for certain shots. Peaking can be weeks of extra calorie restriction and/or days of water manipulation/restriction to get your muscles to look like a super hero’s. On top of all this, there is makeup, lighting, costumes, tape, padding and CGI to make a human look like a superhero.


Myth: Gal’s transformation was fueled by healthy juicing and smoothies.

Fact: Juicing fruits and vegetables is actually one of the few ways to make them unhealthy. Juicing your produce removes most of the fiber and concentrates the calories. For example, one cup of chopped carrots has 45 calories and over three grams of fiber, and takes a lot of chewing (and time) to consume. Whereas one cup of carrot juice has 93 calories (200% more!), less than two grams of fiber and can be consumed in just a few seconds.

As a big fan of superhero movies, I’m psyched to see that the new Wonder Woman movie is doing well. But, the truth is, superheroes don’t exist in real life. And, neither does a quick weight-loss fix.


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