So, Circle K reached out to me to do this promotion around their newly rebranded myKup. Formerly known as the Roo Cup, this large plastic insulated cup costs $7.99, but features $0.25 refills on soda all summer.

I scoffed.

“A plastic cup?! That’s a rather unsexy product to get a mom blogger to push,” I thought.

Then, I realized that in my hand—being sipped in between my jeers—was a medium Coke Zero.

[Touché, Circle K. Touché.]

The truth is, friends, I have an addiction.

An addiction to Coca-Cola Zero.

And, not just any Coke Zero…the kind you get from a fountain machine. Something about the carbonation makes this treat about 1,293,239 times more delicious.

Anyway, I figured I’d give the cup a try. Because, honestly, it was kind of worth it to fulfill my Coke Zero addition. And, for only $0.25 per fill, I’d be sort of stupid not to.

Got my cup in the mail and promptly hit up my local Ballantyne-area Circle K. Sure enough…only $0.25. No prob.

Until my second visit.

So, the second time I went for a fix, I happened to have my four-year-old daughter with me.

Turns out, my kid also has an addiction.

An addiction to slushies.

My kid can detect the location of a slushie (slurpee, icee, etc.) within a 25-mile radius at any given time. It’s like she has some kind of slushie radar that goes off anytime she comes within airspace of one of those sweet, frozen concoctions.

So, you might imagine what happened when she approached the “Froster” stand next to the Polar Pop fountain machine at Circle K.

Pure elation. “Mommy, please? Please, mommy? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Pleasssssse?????”

I relented.

And, now myKup should actually be called herKup.

Actually, we call it the “special treat” cup and it lives in my minivan. It means that when the four year old does something especially good or helpful (or if I have to use the bribe card), she earns herself a cherry Froster.

(Tip) And, since you can fill the cup yourself—you can fill it only half way without a certain child noticing you may have slighted her on the extra sugar.

Pick up your myKup at your Charlotte-area Circle K before Labor Day this summer. Whether you’re headed on a road trip or just a billion visits to the pool, it’s a great deal.

Oh, and bonus. Circle K is giving away $100 gift cards, FREE myKups and FREE refills all summer long to five lucky fans plus a friend! To enter, show us ’em you enjoy your myKup on Instagram using the hashtag #myKupLove.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received products from Circle K. Please note that writing a positive review was not a prerequisite to receiving the products. The opinions within this blog are 100% my own.