Memorial Day is one of America’s favorite holidays; it’s the perfect time to kick off the summer and cookout season. With burgers, outdoor activities and visiting friends and family, it is almost impossible not to have a great time–until mosquitoes crash the party.

With our hot and humid North Carolina summers, none of us are strangers to the annoyance and discomfort of mosquito bites. Not only that, but with threats like Zika, Malaria, and West Nile, it’s important as ever to protect yourself and your loved ones from these biting insects. With your safety in mind, our friends over at Tailor Made Lawns have compiled a list of tips you can take to keep mosquitoes away from your yard this Memorial Day!

1. Eliminate Standing Water

The best thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes from crashing your Memorial Day celebration is to get rid of any sources of standing water around your home. 75% of a mosquito’s life cycle is spent in water, and they don’t need much of it to reproduce–just a small bottle cap size of standing water is enough! Some ways you can prevent standing water around your home are to:

  • Overturn all wheelbarrows and large containers.
  • Make sure children’s sandboxes wagons and other toys are covered or brought inside.
  • Remove (or empty) birdbaths and pet bowls when they’re not in use.
  • Clean gutters and check that none are clogged or damaged.


2. Tame Your Yard

When mosquitoes aren’t hunting you, it’s likely they’re resting in tall grass and in overgrown vegetation. These locations offer a cool and damp place for mosquitoes to keep out of the hot sun and to dine on plant nectar. To help deter mosquitoes from hanging out around your house, you should:

  • Trim vegetation around your home so that mosquitoes can’t take refuge in the leafy tissue of thick plants.
  • Keep your lawn mowed to minimize the space for them to take shelter in.


3. Deport Debris

Once you’ve trimmed your yard of potential mosquito hiding places, it’s time to dispose of all yard debris. It is critical to be aware of debris in your yard because it provides mosquitoes with a perfect breeding ground. Debris often accumulates in areas of your yard that you don’t regularly tend to — such as up against fences and in natural areas under trees. Common examples of yard debris to be mindful of include:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaf piles
  • Collections of twigs and branches


4. Blow Them Away with a Fan

Mosquitoes are often more active during sunset and sunrise because there is lower airflow than other times of the day. Because mosquitoes are so light, it is very difficult for them to fly in any breeze (even just over 1 MPF). If your yard isn’t naturally breezy, it is highly recommended you use plug-in fans to create a breeze whenever you are outside to discourage mosquitoes from taking flight around you.


5. Enlist the Help of Mother Nature

Certain plants have been known to be natural deterrents for mosquitoes. The citronella scent found in many mosquito repelling candles comes from the citronella plant which can grow in almost any climate. While simply the presence of this plant has not successfully been linked to keeping mosquitoes away from your home, mosquitoes have been known to avoid basil, catnip, lavender, marigolds and peppermint.


We hope these tips were helpful, and you have a great (mosquito-free) Memorial Day weekend!


About Guest Blogger Damon Millotte, General Manager & VP of Tailor Made Lawns

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