Have you been busy doing, you know–“Mom stuff”–only to look up, then realize you only have one week until Halloween and you are completely unprepared? Or, is procrastination your middle name? Or, are you just really not looking forward to spending anything more than $10 on a costume that will only be worn for one night? Well, if your answer to any of those questions is YES, I am here to offer you some suggestions for Halloween costume ideas.

Suggestion 1: Department Stores

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “The costumes are all picked over and not much is left.” This is true BUT there are still options. Target sells these simple easy kits for less than $5. They consist of an easy foam/paper mask of various critters that requires some assembly. You can make a whole holiday event of putting the mask together and just pair it with a color coordinated outfit.  Michaels is an option for those moms who are a little craftier.  There is an entire section called “DIY Costumes”.  I saw cool super hero capes and masks that were just begging for creative finishing touches!! There are still options for you.

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Suggestion 2: Printables

If braving the crowds of your neighborhood department store is not high on your list, you still have options….as long as you have a trusty computer and printer.   Superpunch and Mr. Printable have a great assortment of different styles of masks that you can print on cardstock at home to complete your Halloween façade.

Suggestion 3: Recycle and Reuse

As moms we should support one another. There is no reason why moms should have to buy costumes every year for every kid.  My mommy friends and I have children of varying ages. Just like we pass down and share clothing – why not do the same thing for costumes? You don’t have to use all the parts of an old costume or wear it exactly as it was worn before.  Recycle that witch hat – be a good witch one year and the most evil witch that ever lived the next year.

Suggestion 4: Keep it Simple and Be Creative


Finally, I’m sure it goes without saying, but just keep it simple. Don’t overthink it.  There are so many things already in our arsenal as moms to use and get creative with – makeup, felt/yarn, aprons, pillowcases, etc.  Browse the internet and look at Pinterest for inspiration.  There are some really clever people out there.

With one week left to come up with something for you, your kids or family costumes, it’s time to turn on the creative juices.  Whether you buy a quick and easy option, print one, borrow one or choose to be clever and work with something you already have.

Have fun and take pictures!!