Not me!
If I had the choice between listening to a baby cry all night or cleaning my house, I’d rather sit back in my La-Z-Boy and endure the night song of a teething infant.

Okay. That was extreme. But, for real, cleaning is my nemesis.

Like most moms, I feel like my time is constantly and desperately consumed with parenting, working, clothing, cooking, feeding, caring, reading, bathing, laundering, drinking coffee, shouting, apologizing and carting my offspring around town. So, the mere notion that I now have to mop, dust, scrub and scour after these people just sets me over the edge.

Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I’m just human. But, one thing is for sure, I know I’m not alone.

So, when your sister and her brood—who hail from Myrtle Beach, SC—inform you that your house serves as their Hurricane Matthew evacuation shelter, you have to figure out how in the hell you’re going to get your house clean FAST.

Thankfully, I had in my back pocket.

I know what you’re thinking, “Great, another sponsored post.” But, BELIEVE ME when I say that I’m addicted to this company like a fat kid on candy.

For years, I’ve spent half a fortune on hiring cleaning professionals from various corporately run cleaning companies. Sometimes these folks make my house gleam. More often than not, though, they don’t. On top of that, if you don’t call AT LEAST a week in advance, you’re sh*t out of luck.

Honestly, I’ve just always resigned myself to being thankful that I didn’t have to do the cleaning – no matter the cost or ridiculous pressure placed on my schedule.

Then, I was contacted by Hux over a month ago. They magically landed in my inbox when I was in a knee-deep search for a company that would clean my house last-minute. I was on deadline with work projects, overwhelmed with kid activities and trying to pack for a vacation.

Because life.

What’s Hux?

Hux is one of the coolest (IMHO), newest market disrupters out there. And, if you know me, I love a good market disrupter (Uber, Airbnb, Houzz, Laundry2U, etc.).

From the folks at Hux: “Founded in March 2014, the Atlanta-based technology startup disrupts the traditional service industry model by eliminating overhead costs and allowing customers to book services quickly and easily online.

Through HUX, customers benefit from conveniently booking services online at lower costs for high-quality service. Providers have the flexibility to manage their own micro-businesses by setting their own prices, schedules and enjoying published recognition for their work.”

Basically, this service connects you to house cleaners who work for themselves. They set their hours and make a larger percentage of what they charge the customer.

From the customer side, you’re looking at pre-screened house cleaners who–because there is so little overhead–charge a fraction of what you’d pay with the big guys. You can read and write reviews. There’s no cash exchanged. And, the best part, you can literally get a house cleaner for the next day.

This Is How You Do It

  1. Messy-up your house
  2. Go to
  3. Type in your home’s dimensions
  4. Read reviews, look at schedules and view the price points for cleaning folks in your area
  5. Schedule a cleaning (three different types) right then and there
  6. Punch in credit card info and cell phone number
  7. Get on your knees and thank God you don’t have to clean

Easy-friggin-peasy, people.

Within a few clicks (and not playing “Go Fish: The Calendar Edition” with a receptionist over the phone), Cliff and Daniel were scheduled to come to my house a day later.

Better still, they were going to charge me almost $100 less than what I would normally pay with a big company (obviously, I was previously getting price gouged out the you-know-what).

How Well Did They Clean?

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, my house SPARKLED. It SHINED. It smelled like the sweet heavens! In fact, I’m pretty sure my house never, in its entire existence, looked this clean. [And, you guys, they cleaned my oven. MY OVEN. I don’t even know how to do that.]

I am in no shape, way or form exaggerating. Cliff and Daniel—I’m pretty sure—are cleaning cherubs sent to me from St. Hates-To-Clean. [Honestly, I’m a little annoyed with myself for sharing their names, as I want to keep them all to myself.]

I’ve since used the service again, but with a different cleaning professional. Both experiences were above and beyond my expectations. And, I paid a fraction of the price I’d pay with big corporate cleaning maids.

The ease of use with Hux blew me away. Seriously. Check it out:

Booyah! Discount Code

Want a discount off your first cleaning? Use CLTMOMSDEAL during checkout and get $10 off your first cleaning. Booyah.

PS: In full disclosure, Hux gave me my first cleaning for free. Please note, however, that writing a positive review was not a prerequisite to receiving the free cleaning. But, I loved it. No, scratch that, I’m IN love with it. In fact, I’ve now used the service multiple times—on my own dime. Customer for life.