I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning with a mechanic and a farmer. Not just any mechanic, a top-notch woman mechanic, Audra Fordin. Not just any farmer, though, but Chris Soules who is passionate about growth energy and was on some fancy reality shows (oh, you know…Bachelor, Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars).

While it was great to make jokes about him handing out roses to the ladies in the room and admire Audra’s really cool automotive-gear jewelry, we did chat about Ethanol and what it means for communities in the United States, as well as its benefits.

Have you ever seen the little FlexFuel logo on your car or maybe the stickers at the pumps? This type of fuel is made from corn. Not the corn we’re eating, but rather corn that wouldn’t taste very good.
This corn is lowering the cost of gasoline.
It speaks to my heart, too — particularly when I found out that it’s provided over 40,000 high-tech jobs in rural areas. It means families can stay together again. I often think about my life as a modern-day carpetbagger because of an economic crash and I’d still be in Florida today if it weren’t for uprooting myself to find work.
So how do you try ethanol gas that is more than just a blend? It’s actually going to be available at Charlotte-area Sheetz this Fall! Click here to find a location.
Cars made in 2001 and newer are eligible to use E15, just look at your gas cap or Owner’s Manual to see!
If you want to know more about this effort, you can also go here and check
out Growth Energy’s website.
EXCITING UPDATES! You heard it from me a few days ago and the benefits of Ethanol, specifically E15 for engines built in 2001 and later. E15 (previously only E10 blend available) is NOW available at Charlotte Sheetz gas stations!
To commemorate its availability, Mayor Jennifer Roberts announced that Sept. 16 will be known as  “Ethanol Day” in Charlotte. [Woohoo!]
Head over to GetEthanol.com for more facts, locations and to learn more about how you can try out this fuel.