Fitness, Yoga, Charlotte, Y2 Yoga, RunningWorks, Premier ProteinWhen I heard about the community workout at Midwood Park and that Jen Decurtins would be the trainer I got super pumped! She teaches at Y2 Yoga Studio in Charlotte and I’d heard about them from a friend. They have massage and childcare, so they’ve got not only that going for them but a slew of other great options.

I have been trying to get back in shape since a c-section, back surgery and let’s just say a few years of not hitting the gym because all I did was work. This would be so perfect because I’d be working out on a Saturday with a ton of other folks with the same purpose.

After I kept reading, I noticed that for every person who attended this free class Premier Protein would donate $20 to RunningWorks! RunningWorks is a local Charlotte charity that uses running to empower families and individuals to break the cycle whether from abuse, poverty or homelessness among other struggles. Not only do they provide help for interviews for folks, but so many other things and you can earn bus passes through running with them. Not only do they help the mental and physical health of the individuals, but also their lives as a whole. That alone impacted me so heavily and I carried it through my workout that day.

When I showed up, the local radio station was there blaring Top 40 hits, which we all knew the words. How amazing is it that your workout music isn’t coming from those wireless earbuds, but from a live radio station?!

Then, Jen Decurtins came out and let us know what we’d be doing 20 minutes cardio-20 minutes strength-20 minutes yoga.

Let me tell you, that first 20 minutes I was sweating up a storm. I got to meet a new workout partner who was ever so sweet and understanding that I wasn’t as fast at sprints as her.

Twenty minutes of strength, Jen’s sweet voice yells, “Why are we doing squats? Who wants a better booty?” And you know I, of course, raised my hand!

She was so amazing at offering up alternatives for those who either couldn’t flex that well or maybe had an ailment they just couldn’t push a little further. That spoke measures to me since she had no idea I’d had back surgery, but yet she offered a couple of options to protect my back and didn’t leave it to me to think of them.

Fitness, Yoga, Charlotte, Y2 Yoga, RunningWorks, Premier ProteinThen it was time for 20 minutes of yoga. As sweaty as I was, it didn’t matter. With the sun shining down on this beautiful park in Charlotte, my poses felt almost magical. Jen’s words about gratitude and being thankful for what we are capable of, our bodies and our minds just really moved me. She even came around and adjusted some of our poses and encouraged those who could, to do headstands when the pose was able. She didn’t care how sweaty my shoulders were when she pressed them down toward the mat.

The Savasana at the end was awesome just being there, silent, still and with only my breath. I felt better than I have in years!

Afterwards, we took this beautiful group photo and enjoyed some Premier Protein. I had a chocolate shake. And – LET me tell you – I have NEVER had a protein shake that great. No one asked me to say that. I am serious; get yourself to Publix or Sam’s and try one. They’re gluten free, which made it even better given my issues with wheat/whey.

This was a beautiful Saturday!