Fall Bucket List

Every year as a child I remember Fall being my mother’s least favorite season. She didn’t like it when the leaves died and fell on the ground, it was nearly sad to her! I’m not sure if that, paired with our hometown being at the entrance of the the Blue Ridge parkway and the bazillion tourists it would bring complicating small town life truly made her dislike the season, but you can imagine I didn’t care for it either. I could take it or leave it (pun totally intended!) all I knew was that it meant school would be starting and I’d have to herd cats (my siblings) to get them ready each day.

All of that changed when I moved to New England in my 20’s. I began to love Fall, it was such a beautiful season with a significant smell, a beautiful falling of leaves and boy was the butternut squash amazing! I made a deal with myself that, when I had a family, I’d have bucket lists for every season. This way we could try to enjoy a piece of each one and I’d just remain a little partial to this season as it’s since become my favorite.

Since it is my favorite, I’ve decided to share a bucket list with you. You can simply download and print, or you can get fancy and send it to your local drugstore – pop it in a frame and check off the boxes with a dry-erase marker.

Enjoy and happy season!