CMF Wine PictureI know what you’re thinking: Tips 1 – 5 could simply be to take more time out for myself and drink wine more often…right?! Yes, however, below you will find my personal tips to getting the most out of your wine experience, no matter how frequently (or not) you get the chance.

1. Glassware.

The fastest way to quickly enhance your wine experience is by making an investment in the glassware that best suits your lifestyle. I recommend at least three glasses:

  • An all-purpose red or Bordeaux glass for Cabernets and Red Blends. Generally, this glass will have higher sides and a large bowl.
  • An all-purpose white glass for Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios or White Blends. This glass will have shorter sides and a narrower bowl than the red.
  • A glass specifically for Pinot Noirs or Burgundy for not only these reds, but to use as a Champagne or sparkling glass as well. This glass too will have tall sides, that likely flare out at the top of the rim and a large bowl.

2. Chill Out (Your Reds).

Most of us drink red wines too warm. By putting your red wine in the refrigerator for just a small amount of time, you’ll reap the rewards! Red wines should actually be served at 55 – 60 degrees, not necessarily room temperature. Chilling your reds will allow for more of the fruit to come through and shine and not be overwhelmed by the acidity.

3. Live a Little!

It’s easy to get stuck in wine-ruts. Start viewing wine as a vehicle by which to explore other parts of the world. There is SO much wine out there, you might just find a new favorite! Not sure where to start? A good wine-steward will be able to listen to characteristics of wines that you currently enjoy and recommend suggestions that are similar and even some that will push you outside of your comfort zone.

4. Be True To Yourself.

Wine tasting / drinking is a subjective experience, so drink what YOU like. No one person will ever have the same exact experience as yours even if you are drinking the same wine. Don’t be peer pressured away from what you love, but also don’t forget Tip #3!

5. It Can Wait.

MANY of my clients complain about the fragility of their wine glasses and are often replacing them. My first question: When were you washing them or when did it break? 95% of the time, breakage of glassware or decanters happens while cleaning up directly after a dinner party or gathering. Stop trying to wash glassware after a couple glasses of wine. You heard me, this is your “professional” excuse to wait to do the dishes until the next morning. Trust me, you’ll be more careful.

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