self-caresolutionsfiveforfridayfeatureWhen you are stuck in a rut, the only thing between you and moving forward is one simple self-care choice. This is my mantra for helping women understand how important their well-being is to themselves and those they love.

Stress decreases the quality of life and simple self-care can make a huge difference—one small change at a time.

Here are five simple self-care solutions you can do right now.



1.Deep Breaths

DeepBreathsWe underestimate the power of “The Pause.” This literally means stopping what you are doing and being still while sitting or lying down. Now, take a deep break in through your nose allowing your lower abdomen to expand. Then, exhale through your mouth. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

2. Deep Breaths with Shoulder Scrunches

DeepbreathswithshoulderscrunchesWhile sitting or standing, lift your shoulders up to your ears as you breathe in. Really contract those muscles and hold. As you exhale, relax your shoulders and let them drop down to a resting position. This is a great way to relieve shoulder tension while working on the computer or driving.

3. Reach Up

ReachUpHow often do we reach up? Not often. It seems we are always bent over our computers, iPads, book, kids, etc. Put your body in a different position. Reach up and think tall. Feel those muscles elongating! Goodbye forward-rounded shoulders

4. Reach Out

ReachOutAfter reaching up, reach out to your sides. Feel the stretch…and breath.

5. Twist

TwistReach up, out, and now look over your right shoulder while gently twisting and stretching your core and your spine. Now, look over your left shoulder. Breathe and gently twist.



About Guest Blogger Rita K. Garnto, LMBT, FMT, RRT:

RitaGarntoBecause her personal journey has been filled with the challenges of infertility, adoption, family death and chronic health issues, Rita K. Garnto is no stranger to stress. Based on 33-years of healthcare experience, plus her own health struggles, Rita, as the Simple Self-Care Specialist, developed a series of self-care workshops to help women find a path through stress.

Check out Rita’s upcoming workshops at Consider her aromatherapy/make-your-own scrub workshop happening Aug. 12, as well as in October and November. Sign up with a friend and save $10 each.