summer guideCan you believe it’s already July?! In case the novelty of summer vacation has worn off in your house – or if you’re simply looking for new ways to play with your kids this summer – we’ve got you covered!

To me, summer means…

1. Parks, Playgrounds & Spraygrounds

Summertime = plenty of time spent playing outside. Whether it’s at a local park or playground or cooling off at one of Charlotte’s spray grounds, there are plenty of ways to spend these beautiful Carolina blue days out in the sun. Be sure to check over our sun safety tips too before you venture out and play.

2. Having New Fun with the Family

Summer is the perfect time to try some new ways to have fun with the family – take a day trip Uptown on the Lynx or make a Toddler Summertime Bucket List. Afterwards, grab some chow at a Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurants.

3. Traveling

Going on a trip or two this summer? Check out our tips for flying with babies and how to survive a road trip with little ones. Make sure you’ve also got your medical release for a minor in place if you’re traveling without your kids (lucky you!).

4. Playing Inside

Let’s be real – these 90+ degree days can make playing outside not a whole lot of fun for anyone. Not to worry though – there’s plenty of fun things to do in inside to entertain kids of all ages. From local children’s museums to indoor bounce houses and playgrounds, you’re bound to find a fun new place (or two or three) to play with your little ones that involve AC.

5. Swim Lessons

Summer and the pool go hand-in-hand; be sure to sign your little ones up for swim lessons in order to learn not only how to swim, but basic survival skills as well. Little Otter and Charlotte Aquatics are two favorite places to learn among local mamas.

6. Continuing their Education

Summertime doesn’t have to involve a major school-related backslide for your older kids. Check out Jen’s tips on staying school-ready all summer long. And, don’t forget to visit a local story time (free AND air conditioned!).

7. Local Day Trips

Looking to get away from the city for a little while? There are plenty of great places nearby to visit for a fun-filled day trip: Lazy 5 Ranch, the North Carolina Zoo, Tweetsie Railroad and the North Carolina Transportation Museum are short drives from the Queen City and full of fun for all ages.

8. RELAXING (this means YOU, moms!)

Summer can be a crazy time – kids are home from school and looking to be entertained all day, every day; people are traveling to you, you’re packing up and traveling too, etc. – it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that summer is a great time to soak up these beautiful days and nights. Need some inspiration? Check out our tips for Saving your Sanity through Self-Care and Mama’s Triple-R Time.