2015photoWe are quickly approaching the end of another year. Another year full of precious, unforgettable, fleeting photogenic moments. Lucky for all of us, with the growing popularity of the smart phone and digital cameras, we are able to press a button and preserve those moments. Unfortunately for us, those smart phones and digital cameras do not come with unlimited storage space. So what do you do when your camera roll is packed to the gills with images? Well, first you back them all up! Wait, No, first you delete the shots that are, let’s say, less than perfect. You know, the ones your 6 year old took of her nail polish or the blurry blob of your 3 year old running in the park…then you back up all the good ones to the cloud or upload them to a local drive or service like Dropbox.

Once you have backed them up and you have had the chance to peruse and organize them all, what do you do with them? I have four “go-to” methods that I use regularly to get the most out of my photos:

stick9There are so many photos that I love of my family and my travels that I want to display them all!!! The best way that I have come up for doing this is by plastering up a series of magnets that I made using STICKY9.  Sticky9 allows you to use photos from various social media sources or upload your own photos to create magnets like I did, or you can use the site to make other things like another one of my favorites – stickers!!

Photo Printed Bags
I have a makeup bag that I carry with me most of the time, that I get a compliment on every time I use it in a public place. It’s a bag that depicts a moment I captured of my then 3-year-old daughter kissing her brand new, not quite 1-month-old sister on the head.  It’s a moment that I smile at every time I think about it, and now I can carry it around with me. I made the makeup bag using the website SNAPTOTES.  Snaptotes is a photo gift site that specializes in making photo gifts, but more specifically handbags and other fabric gifts.

Photo Books and Calendars
I will admit, I have this thing with preserving photos and printing them out because I don’t have a lot of photos from my childhood. I create photo books for my family each year. I also create one for each of my girls each year so that when they grow up and move out of my house and take on the world, they can have them to look back on and remind them of home and happy times. I have used and tried many sites to make these books including Snapfish, Blurb, and Mixbook. I have to admit that my favorite, and what I have used time and time again, is SHUTTERFLY. There is almost always a deal or discount to be had and used with Shutterfly. The website is easy to use and they have really stylish templates that make it simple and not very time consuming to make photo books and preserve those moments in time.

Photo Gifts
I like the idea of giving photo gifts to others, especially to the grandparents since we don’t get to see them that often. This year I am using PINHOLE PRESS to make a few gifts. My favorites that right now are the perpetual calendar and the memory game.  I absolutely MUST make a memory game for my kids with the faces of their cousins. How amazing is it that we can have fun playing a game while practicing the names and faces of long distance family members!!

There you have it. Now you have a few ideas for what to do with the thousands of photos that you have taken. All you have left to do is to be brave enough to delete the 2015 photos and make room for all the new moments to be experienced and captured and remembered in 2016.