Zo and MeHi ya’ll. My name is Jelisa, and I’m excited to be a part of this amazing blog. I’m just a stay-at-home momma with my first and only baby girl. This allows me to get creative and do tons of fun activities and create awesome recipes! I absolutely enjoy spending time with her.
My baby girl, Zoey, is 23 months and will turn two years old on December 5th. I struggle with coming to grips that my sweet little tiny baby will be turning the big 2. She is such a smart and brilliant baby, although I am biased. She amazes me daily by picking up new words and identifying things around her.
I am in the struggle of returning back to the work force and leaving my baby girl. This decision weighs heavily on me because we have been together constantly for the first two years of her precious life, and I don’t want to miss out on anything that involves her. I go back and forth about the decision because I have a degree and paid a ton to get it, I feel like I need to use it, and accomplish something for me. Then there is daycare! That in itself is a huge weight. How do I find a good daycare? Can I trust them to care for her as I would? Is she going to be okay there? What if she doesn’t like it? What if I don’t like it? These are constant questions that play in my mind as I struggle to make this huge decision and take this next step in our lives.
As a true Southern girl, Southern foods are a staple in my household. Fried chicken, sweet tea, greens, and mac n cheese are table classics. I am starting to change my eating and creating healthier versions of my Southern favorites! I have challenged myself to healthy but great eating. I have cut fried foods and tremendously decreased my sugar intake. I am still in the constant battle of losing the (after 2 years) baby weight. Any tips would be great! Let me know what worked for you.
We, when I say we, I mean me, absolutely LOVE shopping on Instagram. I have discovered a whole new world for handmade goodies. A ton of my daughters clothes and shoes come from shops on Instagram. We are a true lover over baby moccasins. My daughter has over 5o pairs. We love leggings, rompers, headbands, and even tees! There are a ton of great shops on Instagram. I will share some of my very favorite shops in my next post. Stay tuned…
We’re really excited to be and to share more of who we are. Thanks for having me!