glampMy kids have been asking to go camping for at least a year now. While I love the beauty of the outdoors and the escape from the hustle and bustle of the city it provides, it’s the part where we pretend that technology/electricity doesn’t exist and the sleeping on the ground in a bag that I am NOT so much in love with. I decided that the only way this camping trip was gonna happen is if we go “GLAMPING” instead.

What is Glamping? Glamping is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. On Wikipedia it is defined as camping that combines both yesterday’s amenities and today’s technology. Also called boutique camping, luxury camping, posh camping, or comfy camping. During my family vacation planning research for this weekend camping getaway I came across Asheville Glamping.  I am just going to say we had the best camping glamping trip and are definitely planning to return.


We stayed in a deluxe bell tent complete with beds, air conditioning, WiFi, personal bathroom and shower, gas grill, fire pit and let me not forget to mention, a hot tub!  We were able to have nature walks, bird watch, star gaze, roast marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire AND mix it up with a little Netflix. I like to call it “Nature with Amenities”!!  Added bonus we were 5 miles from the heart of Asheville so we could get gourmet coffee or run to the store if we needed to for those things you forget or need because – well because, life with kids is like that sometimes.


While I know some nature and camping enthusiasts are cringing as I talk about WiFi and camping in the same breath, I am not knocking the lessons and value of traditional camping. I am merely providing an option to enjoy the great outdoors for those like my family who usually keep our outdoor amusement to brief spurts.  So, if you like the idea of camping but have just been hesitant to plan a trip or reluctant to take your little ones into the woods – Let me offer you 5 reasons why you should go glamping this fall:

  1. No prior knowledge or experience necessary:
    One of the biggest deterrents for getting up and out camping is the gear you may need. Have you looked at some of the prices of tents? Not to mention – am I supposed to know how to put one up? Well, glamping usually features such structures as yurts, tipis, pods, bell tents, safari tents, tent cabins, and tree houses. Asheville Glamping even has a cool vintage camper and airstream trailer. All of which will be completely assembled when you arrive!
  2. Comfort is a good thing:
    As moms, we know the value of a good night of sleep. Many glamping options include a bed. Yes you read that correctly  – BED. We didn’t even have to bring our own bedding! Besides the bed, why rough it? Give me running water and a flushable toilet, as well as, heat/air conditioning  – isn’t being a mom hard enough? Life’s little comforts are welcome and often available at many glamping sites.
  3. It can be inexpensive:
    While glamping involves more than camping, booking your glamping experience can be inexpensive. You can book a stay for as low as $70 a night for your entire family.  Just know that the more luxurious your accommodations, the more your costs may be.
  4. It’s nice to have options:
    Any mom will confirm that one of the features that makes an outing with children is flexibility.  Glamping gives you options.  You can spend as much time outdoors or indoors as you want.  You can communicate and interact with civilization as much as you would like.
  5. Being outdoors is good for the family:
    Last month Shannon wrote a blog post about ways to get the family outside. There is so much research out there to support this idea and to encourage connecting with nature. The department of Health and Human Services touts the benefits of outdoor play and offers suggestions on how to make it a part of your routine. Encouraging children to get outside, get moving, and connect with the natural world are all ways to reverse childhood obesity rates. But, the benefits don’t stop there, kids who play outside are happier, healthier, and stronger! Glamping can get the whole family outside in nature in a comfortable way!

So when you are thinking of driving up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall leaves, consider making it a weekend and going glamping! I must note that I received no incentives or perks from Asheville Glamping to share this information. I just stumbled upon something awesome and wanted to share it since it was a raging success for my family.  Glamping is a new and trendy thing right now with sites popping up all over in NC, nationally and internationally.  Check out Glamping Hub to learn more about glamping and to see what’s out there and what is right for your family.