A few weeks ago, I met with Maureen Carlomagno, owner and lead coach at Your Wellness Coach, a locally owned and operated health-coaching business.  As you may recall from a prior post about Your Wellness Coach, Maureen offers many different classes, seminars, and personal coaching for businesses, groups, and individuals.

This past week, I utilized one of Your Wellness Coach’s services – a Grocery Store Tour.


We chose to check out the newly opened Healthy Home Market in Plaza-Midwood. This service is catered to each individual based on a questionnaire that you fill out prior to your tour. Questions range from how you feel you cook in the kitchen (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) to what specific points of information you are looking for (Saving Money, Organic Foods, How to read labels, Meal Planning, or Weight Loss/ Management).

Maureen keeps herself apprised of the many grocery stores in Charlotte, so you can pick any store you’d like to go to, and she will have a lot of information specific to you and your location ready to share!

Some highlights for me were learning more about in-season fruits and veggies (especially those local to N.C.), and how these will tend to be more cost effective in-season than out (e.g. apples in the fall vs. berries in the summer).  I also learned more about Organic vs. Conventional.  A list put out by the Environmental Working Group lists fruits and veggies that have higher pesticide use, which may help a buyer to know which organic items to pick over non-organic.

imagesI learned the difference between good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) and bad fats (trans fats and saturated fats.)  And most importantly, I learned some great tips and tricks on how to stretch my dollar, while still maintaining quality of foods and taste! Think about adding a pound of beans, veggies, etc. to another pound of ground beef to make an amazingly hearty and healthy chili!  You’ll spend less on the meat, and and stretch the health benefits at the same time!

Dietarily speaking, Maureen pointed out that fad diets that promote low-carb, low-fat, no-sugars, etc. may seem like a healthy option, but what it really boils down to is using the freshest ingredients (non-processed) and moderating how much you take in.  Why worry about processed foods?  They generally are higher in sodium and sugars to enhance shelf-life and maintain flavor.  If you can use fresh ingredients in lieu of processed, you are eliminating this additional sodium and sugar from your family’s meals.

Do you feel like your kitchen ways could use an uplift?  The Grocery Store Tour is an incredibly fun and easy way to learn so much more about the foods we cook with and buy daily!

SPECIAL OFFER for Charlotte Moms!!!

For the next week, Your Wellness Coach will offer a free one-hour tour for a reader and one friend (at the same time). This is a $120 value.  You must sign-up on the website to be entered in to a random drawing for this exclusive offer!  http://your-wellness-coach.com/contact-your-wellness-coach/!  This offer will be valid through next Friday, October 17th, so sign up soon!

Your Wellness Coach will also be leading a small group-grocery tour on Monday, November 3rd at the Harris Teeter on Central and The Plaza. This small group tour is $60 per person, or $50 per person if you sign up with a friend.

Click here for more details or to register for this tour!