First Baby!You are expecting your first baby!  You want to have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy…

You’ve just had your baby, and want to make sure that you AND your baby are adjusting to motherhood!  Plus, you want to get fit, manage your time, re-kindle your relationships…

Your “baby” just went to kindergarten, and you have no idea what to do with yourself…

… Now what?

Big question mark made from smaller question marks

Adjusting to major life changes can be a real challenge for anyone; especially if you feel like you’re “doing it alone.”

Luckily, there is a local Charlotte-based wellness education company that can help you on these three fronts, as well as many others.  Your Wellness Coach is an on-line based company that strives to help you reach your own personal heath and wellness goals. Whether you are a corporation looking to hold a class on wellness, a community wanting to cover specific information, or an individual client, Your Wellness Coach will help to fit your needs.

Last week, I was fortunate to sit down with Maureen Carlomagno, a Charlotte Mom to a 3 1/2 year old son, and owner of Your Wellness Coach.  Maureen excitedly enlightened me on their many offerings. One of their impressive features for individual coaching is that it is a truly personalized experience!  Whether through in-person meetings, online chats, or phone conversations, they work to attain it.  Flexibility shows through in their attention to individualized details to their focus on prenatal mothers through postpartum experiences; from general heath to time management, Your Wellness Coach boasts its receptive nature to helping all clients.

As a Charlotte Mom, Maureen also stresses that local resources and organizations are a main part of their work. Your Wellness Coach strives to refer you to local resources based on your needs, and is always in contact within our region looking for ways to better their clients and our community.

Local Upcoming Events

Your Wellness Coach, joined with Gingersnap Baby in South Charlotte, is offering two FREE seminars this fall!  Each seminar runs from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. and will be held in the Gingersnap Baby Store.  The first of these, “3 Sexy Solutions To Keeping Your Relationship Healthy After Baby Arrives,” is on Wednesday, September 17th.  Don’t fret if the name intimidates you- these are all health-related tips to help you feel your best!

For more information or to register for this seminar.

The second seminar on Thursday, October 16th, is “4 Tips To Transition From Maternity Leave: Making It Less Scary.”  This hour will cover helpful information for both working and Stay-At-Home Moms.

For more information, or to register for this seminar, visit here.

In the future months to come, I hope to spend a lot more time with Maureen to learn more about all that Your Wellness Coach has to offer!  Please check in with them, or check back with me to see what they have in store for you!