alarm.PNG5:22 Alarm goes off. I hit snooze and then wake up around 5:35 to wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready for yoga.

6-7 Hot yoga. Yoga One is nearby and my favorite place to work out. Starting the week off here sets the tone for mesmoothie!

7:15 Home. Ready, set, go: The kids are usually waking up when I head home from a morning workout. I drink my lemon water while the kids eat breakfast, make a smoothie and take a shower. Jim helps with breakfast and packs Molly’s school lunch, so that is super helpful and romantic {wink, wink}.

8:55 Either Jim or I take Molly to school. This morning I stop by Starbucks for a coffee (decaf + soy latte…not sure why I bother some days, but it’s a bad habit!).

9:30 Office hofficeours. No teaching on Mondays, which is a nice way to start the week. I can grade papers, catch up on emails, see students and prepare for Tuesday/Thursday classes and facilitate my online classes. I eat lunch at some point: a salad and some fruit that I bring from home.

3:30 Home. The sitter (my mom this week; she and our nanny alternate Mondays) helps with snacks and making sure Molly gets dressed for ballet.

4:10 Walk to ballet. A dear neighborhood friend is in ballet with Molly, so we typically all walk together. This week, however, they are on vacation so we walk alone.

4:30-5:15 Ballet. James and I hang out in the hallway. This gets less and less fun as James gets more mobile. (Sometimes my mom will stay and keep James for me!)

a day in the5:35 Home. Mad rush for dinner. If Jim is home, one of us finishes up dinner while the other starts James’ bath/Molly’s shower. If Jim isn’t home yet, the kids scream and roll around on the kitchen floor until food is on the table. (What? Your kids don’t do that?! Share your secrets!)

6:00 Dinner time. We really try to sit together and talk about our days. We like to share our favorite parts of the day, something we are grateful for, and something we want to do differently tomorrow between getting Ranch dressing, refilling water bottles and picking forks and milk cups off the floor.

6:20 Baths for the kiddos if they didn’t happen before dinner. Cleaning up dinner, PJs, brushing teeth, reading to James. bath

6:40 Prayers with James and he goes down (but not for the night, unfortunately. Sleep is not his favorite activity.).

6:45 Molly finishes getting ready for bed, which includes brushing teeth, putting on Katie’s (Molly’s Bitty Baby) pj’s, filling up Molly’s water bottle and picking out books.

7:10-ish Books with Molly (she says prayers with us and James earlier). Jim and I alternate nights to stay with Molly after lights out for a few minutes. She likes us to scratch her back and to shine her flashlight in our eyes (the flashlight is a post in itself!).

7:30 Whew! Typically Jim and I spend a good bit of time wrapping up our days. I usually have work emails to respond to or Stella and Dot contacts to make (following up on orders, booking trunk shows, etc.) I also like to read a few blogs and spend some time on Facebook. I typically don’t have a lot of grading to do on Monday nights since I had office hours. I write blog posts or write for myself, grade papers, or lesson plan. Several nights a month, I am gone to Junior League meetings, book club or a Stella and Dot trunk show during this time. (On mornings that I can’t make it to 6 am yoga, I will go to yoga at 7:15 or go for a walk in the neighborhood.)

reading9:00-ish Watch TV with Jim or read. (On other nights, if I didn’t go to yoga in the am, I usually take a shower at night at this time.)

We head up to bed around 11 or 11:30. I usually read for a few more minutes and then lights out.

Every day is slightly different since my teaching schedule changes from semester to semester. One thing I do know is that our day-to-day is a huge tag-team effort. Between Jim, myself, my mom and our nanny, life goes on, kids get dropped off and picked up and dinner gets served. I am beyond grateful for all of the help!