I love to talk to other moms about their skincare/hair/make-up routine. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie, and I’ve probably spent half of my 30-some years straightening my hair. I’m always eager to learn a new trick or two – especially when that trick can truly be incorporated into my routine! And while I don’t necessarily shy away from pricier items, I am always thrilled to find a tried-and-true product that I can pick up at Target.

Enter Aquaphor.


Yes, the same stuff I put on my babies ankles in the hospitals when the bracelets rubbed them raw; the same ointment I put on Molly’s and James’ faces when they have colds; the same concoction I have used on countless rashes, from diaper to road.

I was a friend’s Favorite Things party in December, and one of the gifts was a tube of Aquaphor. She said she heard that Beyonce used it for eye makeup remover, so she tried it and loved it – so much so that she chose to share it as her favorite thing!

So now I’m hooked and wanted to share it with y’all. Simply smear some on your eye  lids and over your lashes, then wipe off with a washcloth or cotton pad. Easy peasy.

What’s your favorite beauty items? Bonus if it’s multi-purpose!