a day in theMy Monday.

1:40-2:00 Feed Baby. Yes, we are trying to get back to sleeping through the night. We had a good routine of sleeping through the night..then this momma started back to work.

4:22-4:30 Feed Baby (probably should have let him cry this one out…clearly he wasn’t very hungry).

5:40 Baby wakes. Tiptoe out of room (yes, I slept in Baby’s room. Don’t judge. Right now we all get more sleep that way since we are back to the multiple night wakes. He is, at least,  in his own crib!). Daddy duty begins- Thank you, Jason!

6:00 Alarm starts going off.

6:10 Daddy and D-man come to make sure I am out of bed and on my way to the shower.

6:20 Feed Baby

6:45 Pass off to Daddy and continue getting ready for work.

7:05 Pump and finish getting ready for work.

7:29 Pass back to Momma. We are all ready early! Daddy’s off to work and D-man and I get 5 minutes of play time.

Time to go!

Time to go!

7:35 Realize classroom keys are missing. Begin frantic search. We are no longer early.

7:43 On the road to daycare (with no classroom keys).

8:00 Arrive at daycare, unpack things and kiss goodbye.

8:25 Arrive at work. Five minutes early. On a Monday. In the rain. Pretty good. Time to heat up my oatmeal for breakfast! Oh, and those pesky keys were actually in my purse the whole time.

8:45 Students arrive and the school day begins.

11:40 Students are in special area class. Drive 2 miles to feed Baby.

12:20 Arrive back at school. Scarf down my lunch before I pick students up from lunch.

2:35  Send students to recess and drive to feed baby (Sidenote: my principal rocks to let me feed D-man twice during the day! And for those who are wondering…no, I do not miss any instructional time for this. My students are in specials, lunch or recess when I feed D-man).

3:10  Back to school to finish the day.

4:25 Students are on the bus home and I am in the car to go get the baby!

4:50  Arrive home. Say hi and bye to the hubs as he is off to coach soccer practice. Baby finishes nap. Normally this is where I get things ready for the next day, but today my back is killing me from a workout over the weekend, so I sit down to eat a snack and lay on a heating pad.

6:10  Nap is over and time for Baby to eat.

6:50  (after a long nursing session!) My favorite time! Playtime with Baby!

Evening book time with Daddy!

Evening book time with Daddy!

7:20  Hubs gets home and finishes the crock-pot dinner (yes, I’m super lucky to have a husband who does tons of cooking).

7:45  Daddy and Baby play time while I eat and then join the fun!

8:15 Listening to husband read Guess How Much I Love You to D-man. Makes my heart so happy!

8:20 I get D-man ready for bath. Daddy does most of bath and steam (trying to knock out some congestion). While they do this, I wash pump parts and bottles, prep D-man’s bottles and make my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Run dishwasher.

8:45 I take over and lather up Baby (treating some dry skin), Daddy does pjs, and I feed Baby.

9:40 Baby is asleep in crib.

10:20 I am in bed.

11:00 I am asleep.

Seeing our day in print sure does make it seem busy! There appears to be lots of passing back and forth between me and my husband. D-man and I are so blessed to have such a hands-on husband/daddy! Although seeing this in print sure does make me miss those first 3.5 months where I got to be home with D-man all day.