436Nearly 700,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor.  Experts estimate that almost 70,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year, with more than 4,000 of those being children.  Brain tumors are a serious, life-threatening illness that don’t discriminate and can affect anyone regardless of race, age or gender.  No cure exists today and with only four FDA-approved treatments, options for patients are limited and advancements toward new therapies are underfunded.

The National Brain Tumor Society, the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States, will be hosting its inaugural event on Saturday, March 22nd at Freedom Park.  The National Brain Tumor Society’s Charlotte Brain Tumor Race aims at creating a community of brain tumor survivors, patients, family members, caregivers and friends for an inspiring, family-friendly day.  Participants can choose to run either a 5K or 10K course, or walk a 5K course, and to get involved by creating a new team, joining an existing team, or as individuals.  All proceeds from the event will go toward funding critical brain tumor research and raising awareness of this devastating disease.

Why should you help?  Because brain tumors can affect any one any where at any time, and treatment is minimal and difficult.  Charlotte is home to a number of survivors, including Laura, who was diagnosed at 19 with a malignant brain tumor and was told by some physicians that she would not survive.  Her treatment included a successful surgery to remove the tumor and 30 radiation treatments followed by chemotherapy treatments that were so toxic she was unable to complete them.  Laura is now a 13 year survivor and is passionate about spreading awareness and ultimately finding a cure for this deadly disease.  And, there’s Rebecca, who thought she had a sinus infection that was actually cancer.  She went through two surgeries, six weeks of radiation and a year of chemotherapy before she was cancer-free.  She is a 3 year survivor and mom to two daughters.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to help raise much-needed funds for an important cause.  Volunteers, race participants or donors can visit the race website for information on how to register, how to help or how to donate.   Click here for more information about brain tumors and the National Brain Tumor Society.