MSMDo you shop consignment sales? Do you sell clothes at consignment sales? I have a few favorites that I like to hit each year (spring consignment season is right around the corner!), but sometimes, the entering and tagging of items can be exhausting and annoying. Then, you have a small window of time to drop off the items and you have to pick up what didn’t sell at a specific time. That just doesn’t work for every mom, every time.

Enter thredUP. My sister first told me about thredUP a year or so ago, and I immediately had to check it out. It’s quite simple: There’s no tagging of clothes. No drop off. No pick up.

You can consign children’s and women’s clothes without leaving your house. Yep, you read that right!

You go to, order a bag and wait for it to arrive via USPS. In the meantime, check out the website for accepted brands and standards and gather the clothing pieces you want to sell. A lot of your familiar brands are sold on the site, with the (expected) policy that the clothes are clean and in like-new condition. I was excited to learn last year that thredUP accepts children’s, juniors, women’s and maternity clothes; this year, they added handbags and shoes, and I just saw on the website that there’s a new dimension: thredUPx for high end clothing.


When your bag arrives from thredUP, fill it up and leave it for your mailman (or mailwoman!) to collect, or you can drop it off at your local FedEx Kinkos. Items that aren’t accepted will be donated to charity unless you opt in for your items to be returned to you (there are certain restrictions here, but I’ve never elected to have my items returned).

A few weeks later, you’ll receive an email with the amount of thredUP credit to shop for new items (great for growing kiddos!) or a cash out amount payable to your PayPal account.

If you are looking to get rid of a few (or a lot) of things, it’s definitely worth a try. I have used thredUP three times now, and my payout has ranged from $30 to $90 for a full bag of items. Could I get more if I individually consigned each piece? Probably. But the time and space it takes to prepare for consignment can be daunting. I try to save my smocked and boutique pieces for consignment sales and have found thredUP to be so awesome for Molly’s and James’ other like-new pieces.

Have you used this site? Do you consign your clothes or your children’s clothes?

*This is not a sponsored post. I have actually used thredUP services (to consign and purchase clothing) and have been pleased; therefore, I wanted to share this opportunity with my fellow moms!