Scrambling to get together Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in your kids’ classes?  Not to worry!  There’s still plenty of time to assemble these super easy (and cute) DIY Valentine’s Day cards.

Cards with Candy

valentine1How adorable are these free “So Glad We’re in the Same School” print outs from I Heart Naptime?  You can fill your treat bags with Goldfish or Swedish Fish, or any other gummy/candy fish you can find.

I really adore these S’Mores Valentines too.  You can browse Pinterest for all different types of wording – from “There’s No One I love S’More Than You” or “The World Needs S’More Love,” but the idea is the same: marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers: a mini-S’more kit in a bag!smorefriends-preview1

For those super creative mamas out there, you can’t beat these awesome photo cards with lollypops.  But, for those less-creatively inclined types, you can stick a “I’m a Sucker for You” card to your lollypops and still have a cute Valentine.IMG_5931_thumb[2]










Cards Without Candy 

lovebugvalentines1For a break from the usual sugar overload, why not pass out these love bug cards?  Sure to be a hit with little kids who always love to have trinkets in their hands, and a nice change from the usual sweets.

These play-doh inspired print outs are perfect for sticking on the top of a jar, and what kid doesn’t love play-doh?DSC_8338







Or, why not stick with kid-tested and approved favorites like crayons, bubbles or stickers?  You can’t go wrong with any of those!!  There are plenty of candy-free Valentine options available on the web that are still just as sweet as their sugary counterparts.  A simple browse of Pinterest can also find a wealth of ideas involving rulers, bouncing balls, pens/pencils, bookmarks and more.