valentine's day 1

Can you believe it’s already February 3rd?  Valentine’s Day is next week, and if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have anything planned yet.

But with the price of babysitters, plus the cost for a night out, staying in and celebrating just makes so much sense.  It might not sound as fun as a night out, but there’s so much more you can do than just veg out on the couch watching TV (although that really sounds like heaven right now).

Why not…

– Make a Special Meal

Valentine’s Day is the perfect night for an above-average homemade meal.  Why not work on an elaborate dinner together?  That way the pressure is off the cook to have a perfect meal, and you can bond, laugh and work together in the kitchen.  Prefer to run your kitchen solo?  That’s OK too! Don’t stop with just dinner and dessert; have a nice bottle of wine, break out the candles and china and turn off the distractions.  Enjoy a really nice meal together in the comfort of your own home.

– Have a Movie Night

The Oscars air on March 2nd, which means Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to start catching up on all of the movies up for the big awards.  Pop some popcorn, grab some candy and hunker down together to check out all of the nominees.

– Play a Game Together

Bring out the board games, dominoes or cards and some wine (or beer) and have some fun the old fashioned way.  Or, turn on that Wii you haven’t used in ages for a friendly little Guitar Hero or Just Dance competition.

Unplug Together

Turn off the TV and put down your iPhones and spend some quality, quiet time together.  Build a fire, make some s’mores, and just, you know…talk.  Like you did in the old days before you had kids.

– Conduct your own Wine & Cheese Tasting

Grab a new bottle of wine and an array of cheeses and enjoy a casual wine and cheese tasting together.  If you’re not a wine connoisseur you might be surprised to see how much different foods really do impact the taste of your wine – and hey, you guys might learn something together too.