Looking for an escape from this cold winter weather we’ve been having lately?  Look no further than Concord’s own Great Wolf Lodge!  You may already be familiar with the Lodge’s biggest attraction – its huge and extensive water parks – but, did you know there’s much more to do than just swim?  There are lots of activities available for kids of all ages that don’t require an overnight stay or a water park pass.


Your kids will love going on this elaborate treasure hunt.  Waving wands at specific objects scattered throughout the Lodge (seriously, there are items on every floor and in every nook and cranny conceivable) will bring them to life, and kids have the opportunity to learn from a wizard, battle a goblin and outsmart a dragon.  I lost track of the number of kids running through the halls on their quests, each one really enjoying themselves, who were thrilled to share with us how many quests they’ve completed during their visit (usually at least two or three for overnight guests).

New to the Lodge this year, Shadowquest is similar to MagiQuest in that participants use wands to activate their environment, but the quest is new and different – kids collect runes, battle creatures and help pixies to save the light of the sky before it vanishes.

While our boys were a little too young to really “get” the point behind the quests, they loved waving their wands and watching things come to life around them – from treasure chests opening up to stars lighting up on the ceiling, they thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever.  And I can’t say enough nice things about the staff working at the Magic Shop (the people responsible for helping you on your quest) – they were awesome.  Helpful, informative, interactive; they remembered every players name (something I think is incredible in and of itself given that I forget most names almost as soon as I hear them), and they never once broke character.

  IMG_8184Cub Club

The perfect place to spend a couple of hours with your littlest ones, Cub Club is a magical haven filled with toys and lots of great, free crafts (and others you can purchase).  Our boys had a great time playing in the playhouse and coloring snowflakes while taking a break from the other activities.


IMG_8177Howly Wood XD Theater & 4D World

The XD Theater offers a truly immersive movie experience, with 3D glasses and chairs that move, shake and dip while you watch a short movie.  We had a blast on our “Safari” which really did leave us gasping, laughing and hanging on to our seats at certain points.  The boys were too small for it, but I can see it being a big hit with adults and older kids.  4D World is a great 3D gaming experience for adults and kids of all ages too.


Northern Lights Arcade & Ten Paw Bowling Alley

This huge arcade has plenty to offer, with various games and attractions sure to be a hit with all members of your family.  There’s also a bowling alley just next door, which was designed specifically with kids in mind – the alleys are shorter and the balls are “one size fits all,” which means no one has to try and lug a ball that weighs more than them.  There’s also a “no rental shoe” policy which is just plain awesome.

IMG_8149The Great Clock Tower Show & Story Time

The Great Clock Tower Show was one of our sons’ favorites – a forest full of animals come to life right in the lobby.  We were fortunate enough to visit during the winter and got to watch it “snow” inside too, which kept our boys riveted. Visit the animals at night in your pajamas for a sweet bedtime story.


Disclaimer: We were compensated for this post.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above are our own.