MomsMy oldest daughter took to potty training pretty quickly.  We tried the Potty Training Weekend Bootcamp when she turned two; that was painful, and the longest 4 days of my life! And in the end, when she decided she was ready to use the potty (a few months later), it was a piece of cake.
She just turned 5 and wakes up wet almost every morning.  I was having a really hard time with this, until I discovered the overnight training pull ups for older kids.  Getting up to wash sheets and change the bed several times in one night wasn’t my idea of fun.  At my daughter’s last check up, her doctor suggested we try a bed wetting alarm.  We ordered the Malem from Amazon and while I have read numerous raving reviews, I would not advise spending the money on this if you have a heavy sleeper.  The first night we tried the alarm, my husband and I heard it from the downstairs living room, while the tv was on.  Our daughter was sound asleep when we ran up to her room.  My husband and I still get a laugh from that sight-our precious angel so sound asleep while this alarm was not only making a very loud and annoying sound, but was vibrating on her body while emitting a light. The only thing that woke her was our laughing.  We tried this for a few more nights with similar results.  Sidenote-If anyone could use a gently used bedwetting alarm, let me know. Amazon’s return policy is 30 days and Malem would not take it back.
I wasn’t worried about her waking up with a wet pull up until her doctor said something. I know 2 and 3 year old girls who wake up dry,  but I also know 6 year old girls who are just getting out of overnight pull ups.  A friend recommended we wake our daughter up to use the bathroom before we go to bed. Most nights, either my husband or I wake our daughter up around 10:30 and she will go to the bathroom and most mornings, will wake up dry. But, on those far and few between nights where we can get to bed by 9:30, I do not get up at 10:30 to take her to the bathroom. Through trial and error, I have found 10:30 to be the magic time. If I wake her before then, she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom. If I wake her after 10:30, she has already peed in her pull-up.

I have done quite a bit of research on this and here are some facts that helped ease my mind.

– Most children are not aware of their bladder in the nighttime until they are about 7.

– Family history plays a role.  If you or your spouse wet the bed, don’t be surprised if your child wets the bed.  Let me just say, between my husband and me, one of us was a bed wetter and it wasn’t me.

And like my OB/GYN said long ago, “I haven’t  met a child who walked down the aisle in diapers.” For now, I am going to chalk this up to her being a heavy sleeper and not some other issue going on.  Although, this too may change so I would love to get your feedback, tips, and suggestions if you are going through this or have been through this with one of your children.