MomsJust when I mastered my Palm Pilot, the Blackberry came out.  And without fail, just when I became proficient with my Blackberry, the smart phone was launched. As someone who likes the familiar, I would have been perfectly happy using my old flip phone and a day planner for the rest of my life.  Having said that, it is hard to imagine in this day and age how we ever survived without GPS, cell phones and Siri (although most days I find it very easy to manage just fine without Siri). I am constantly on the road for my job and admit that I would be far less productive without my GPS and the ability to send out an email in between appointments.  I do miss the good old days though.  Back when you had to pick up the phone to talk to a friend, walk down the hall at the office to ask a coworker a question, or enjoy a family dinner without constant dinging and vibrating in the background.  As a mom of two young girls, who both own an iPad mini, it scares me to think about how dependent our children have become and will continue to be on this technology.  This is a topic that I continue to struggle with. I was so adamant that my children would never have an iPad.  That they would never use my iPhone.  But I caved.  And I am sure I am not alone.  Have you tried to enjoy a nice meal out or get through Target in under 30 minutes and the only saving grace is Disney Junior on your phone? Are you nodding your head? Oh yeah…I also said I would never let the TV babysit my children.  Ha!

ID-10063603[1]And here is why I struggle.
1. The phone keeps my children happy and occupied so I can get some errands done or get dinner ready without having to worry about someone getting hurt or ransacking the pantry and fridge.
2. My children tune out completely when they are “tuned in”.
3. My 12 year old niece composes music on her iPad that leaves me in awe.
4. There are times when we get together with family and everyone is on their iPad or iPhone and nobody is talking.
5. I am able to write this in bed with Food Network in the background.

So, you see my problem? Thus my love/hate relationship with technology.  Here is my feeling on this, at least today. Love it or hate it, this defines our children’s generation.  Gone are word processors, encyclopedias and text books.  Our children will not be able to thrive without this technology.  So, like anything else, moderation is key.  Our children will be able to accomplish things we never could because of the technology they have at their fingertips.  But make no mistake, nothing can replace a great phone conversation with a good friend, playing outside and riding bikes with your friends, or sitting around a living room with your family playing cards (or in my case, Candy Land)!