MomsIt is the time of year to reflect on the last 12 months and make plans for the next 12.  This year, however, I chose to have some Year End Reflections, as opposed to so many New Year Resolutions.  When the ball began to drop, instead of putting such great focus on what I want to do in 2014, I wanted to be proud of what I have already accomplished.  As mothers, we have SO MUCH to be proud of!  Often going into the new year, everyone is incredibly focused on what is to come: resolutions in relation to work, money, relationships, health/fitness, etc. While it is important to set goals and plan for the future, we also need to take the time to reflect on and be SO PROUD of what we have accomplished. You survived another 12 months of raising a little human.  For some of us, we grew a little human! I don’t think there is anything to be more proud of.

I remember last New Year’s Eve, I made a little wish that maybe this New Year’s I would be expecting a baby. Little did I know that D-man was just settling in to my uterus. I had lots of expectations of what motherhood would be like, should I be fortunate enough to experience it. I set resolutions for myself that I would become a better cook, keep our home cleaner, stay caught up on the laundry, write fantastic blog posts, stay super fit, read lots of books, etc. After all, I would be home with D-man on maternity leave so I would have plenty of time! Ha ha ha! While all of those things would be fantastic (and would have made me a close relative of Superwoman), I am now understanding that they are not necessary. When I look back on the last 12 months, I did not become a better cook; my home might be a little cleaner; laundry is caught up (but only because I have so few clothes that fit, it doesn’t take much time to do); blog posts…you can be the judge; I am certainly no more fit than last year; and I read an average amount. So, my Superwoman resolutions did not come to fruition. However, I am not going to judge myself poorly or beat myself up…because guess what? I GREW A HUMAN!

As mothers, it is important for us to focus on the important things. Maybe all of your resolutions did not become reality (if they did, kudos to you, Superwoman!), but if you are reading this, chances are you either grew a human during this past year, or continued to raise one. And that is a pretty darn amazing accomplishment. So, be proud, momma, you rock!