Whew…less than a week to go until Christmas. I finally finished my shopping yesterday (this is after my son’s first birthday last week and my husband’s upcoming birthday on Sunday – I mean, wow!). Molly’s last day of preschool is today, and I’m on break from the college until the first week of January. I’m looking forward to slow, lazy mornings with coffee and pajamas and Christmas tree lights. No rushing anywhere. No packing lunches. No carpool pick-ups. No travel.

Sounds lovely, right?

Yeah…I’m actually in a full-blown panic about how to fill these two whole weeks. Yes, there’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which will be festively busy. But what are we going to do the rest of the time?

If we schedule too many things, melt downs will ensue. Getting in and out of the car is exhausting for a four-year-old, understandably. However, if we don’t plan enough things, melt downs will ensue. I mean, staying at home in your pj’s with your mom all day is exciting for like, one day. I am, admittedly, a creature of habit and my children also thrive on a routine.

I’m hoping to find that sweet spot of fun-busy (as opposed to chaotic-busy) and restful. I am looking forward to a break from the routine and our normal activities. I just hope that I can forget the routine enough to simply enjoy the time with my sweet little family. No worrying about organizing or cleaning anything. No preparing for the spring semester.

time with children this is how I am hoping to spend our break: christmas tree gazing // art making // bike riding // snuggling

I am looking forward to ending the year on a positive note and rejuvenating my soul and my family for a wonderful, productive 2014. May you enjoy your break, however you choose to spend it.