My son – my second child – turned one last week. And…wait for it…we did not have a birthday party for him. I am quite shocked at my lack of party planning, to be honest with you. I know my sister would have designed an adorable invitation. We even had a theme and ideas planned, but I just couldn’t get excited about planning and preparing for a party.

I have a good bit of guilt over this, mostly because we’ve had wonderful parties for our daughter’s four birthdays so far. I think that birthdays are incredibly special and so fun to celebrate. I like the idea of including an extended group of friends and family who have been instrumental in baby’s first year – and offered support and encouragement to us as parents! Plus, I love to entertain in any way, shape or form.

Our daughter’s birthdays have been easy and fairly low-key. Backyard parties with chicken nuggets and kiddie pools and lots of friends. We’ve always been lucky with the weather and haven’t had to move the party inside. But a December birthday? Not so easy to have outside – the weather has been predictable with 78 degree days followed by three days of cold rain and then back again. We have a lovely, cozy home and are hard pressed to even have just extended family over for a get-together, so having the party in the house wasn’t an option. And then with holiday parties and expenses, renting a room at restaurant was too much to pull off this year.

Basically, I realized that if I was dreading the idea of a party, then it wasn’t worth it. We celebrated my baby boy at home on his birthday with his sister and his dad and we had a blast. The following evening, we went out for pizza with my sister and her family and both sets of grandparents. James knows that he is loved, and he doesn’t need an elaborate party to feel that love.


Who knows what next year will hold? Hopefully it will be happy and healthy and loads of fun. And be marked with a party of some sort. I may or may not already be planning it. *wink wink*