Holiday time is always the toughest for those of us watching our waistline! This year it seems even more difficult being12 weeks post baby! While I have accepted that post-natal weight loss, just as pregnancy, is different from person to person, I REALLY don’t want to have to buy a new wardrobe for going back to work in January! So, here are a few tips and tricks to try during this festive and food filled time of year to help watch (or find) that waistline!


1. Get up and go! I have discovered that the longer D-man and I lounge around in the morning, the less likely I am to be active during the day. Even moving around the house cleaning or dancing with my sweet boy is better than sitting on the couch!

2. Find a workout class. This one can be tough. We had a great CrossFit mom workout last monthIMG_6424 at Reebok CrossFit Charlotte Uptown, but it can be tough to keep a regular workout schedule with little ones! It is also hard to find a fun form of fitness that has childcare or allows babies. However, they are out there if you are willing to search! I have found a Baby Power Hour at the Harris YMCA that encourages bringing babies in a stroller and I have found a pre/post natal yoga at the Morrison YMCA that allows small babies in a carrier (although if baby gets loud, staying in yoga isn’t very considerate for the other participants). The YMCA system also has drop in childcare available at most major branches for a minimal fee. Many CrossFit boxes are family friendly and may have a play area, but usually not supervised care. D-man is still in a stage where I can take him in a carrier and he just hangs out or sleeps while I workout, but I have a feeling those days are limited! Trying different classes can be fun and even if it can’t become part of a regular schedule, it gets you moving that day!

3. Find a friend. Having someone to keep you accountable makes it much harder to get lazy or make poor food choices.

4. Choose a challenge. There are many different “challenges” available on the internet or different social media sites. They typically focus on a specific exercise or part of the body and increase in number or length throughout the month. I found a Booty Challenge on a friend’s Facebook page that looked manageable. Google Search “monthly fitness challenges” and take your pick!

5. If it’s nice, get outside. Run, walk, or try some intervals. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is fantastic for fat burning and you don’t need equipment or much time! Example workout: run 200 meters (or pick a light post in the distance), 20 squats (don’t let those knees go past your toes on the way down), 20 pushups (on knees or toes, or even pushing at an angle against a wall), rest one minute, repeat 4 times. Go as hard as you can during each set. It’s quick but will get your metabolism running!

6. Eat a healthy breakfast. We all should know this one, but I had to mention it because it’s so important! Eggs, avocado and an apple would be a great choice; however, that takes some time! Be sure to stay away from starchy, sugary cereals and breads. Try to get a good source of protein, fat and quality carbohydrates.

7. Watch your alcohol. This time of year is fun to get a little festive, just choose the drinks with the fewest ingredients. Skip the fruity or rich cocktails and stick with red wine or clear liquor with a single mixer. Don’t forget your water in between!

8. Limit sweets. This time of year can be hard even for those of us who aren’t big on sweets. It seems there is chocolate or sugar everywhere you go! I have found that choosing one sweet per day or even certain days during the week where I can indulge help limit my intake. That way I am not depriving myself, but I also am not over indulging! If I receive sweets as a gift, I will graciously say thank you, but later find a new home for them! Office buildings, teacher’s lounges, fire/police departments will all have someone who will enjoy.

9. Wear fitted clothing. While this is a great time of year for sweatpants and sweaters, you are more likely to overeat in loose clothing. The more fitted your clothes (even at home), the more careful you may be with what you put in your mouth! No need to make those clothes tighter!

10. Start early. If all else fails, choose your diet or workout plan for January, but start it early. Statistics of New Year’s resolutions failing are quite high. Therefore, don’t make it a New Year’s resolution…start right after Christmas. That way, once the New Year comes, you are already off to a good start!

Cheers to a healthy holiday season!