Hectic to HarmoniousWhy do you love the holidays? The rush to get everything checked off your list? The pushing and shoving on black Friday? The nasty comments your Aunt makes at the dinner table about your children’s behavior? No? I didn’t think so.

Yet somehow, every year, it feels like we battle the stress of  the holidays. They are hyped up, over-scheduled, and hectic.

If you’re looking for a focused way to slow down and enjoy the holidays with your kids this year, check out Laura Thompson Brady’s, From Hectic to Harmonious 28 Day Challenge. Each day, you’ll receive an email with a focusing question or task to help you slow down, take in the moment, and really enjoy the beauty and magic of the season.

For more, check out Laura’s site, The Nourished Home, which is a wonderful place for moms looking for “greater ease, joy, and deep connection with your beloved family.”  The statement on her website reads:

  • You must stop pretending to be the Mom you think you should be and embrace the Woman you really are so you can create YOUR Nourished Home (not somebody else’s).
  • By connecting to your core values you cultivate a simple, joyful, relaxed approach to parenting so your kids have the space and time they need to grow into their TRUE and BEST selves.
  • You’re a Mama on a mission and what you do with your life matters. You deserve to feel truly alive, connected to your passions and desires so that you live your life ON PURPOSE and follow your calling with clarity, confidence, and true joy.

I know I feel inspired when I read those words. Rock on, Laura!

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays and enjoy your beautiful families this season!