Bea-is-for-Business-Cover-216x300When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher. My mom worked full time, but as a single mom, she was gone most of the day, so I didn’t get to see what she did. Consequently, the women in my life were child care professionals and so that’s what I aspired to be.

But what if I had been exposed to the business world as a young child? Or spent lots of time working with doctors and scientists at my mom’s office? Would my aspirations have been different?

Sometimes, exposure to something is all that it takes to light a spark of passion in a child’s heart. I imagine that’s what Jamie A. Brown and Meg Seitz, two local Charlotte women, had in mind when they wrote Bea is for Business. Aimed at elementary school-aged children, this book was designed to expose young kids to the basics of business.

The story follows a young girl, Bea, and her friend Lander, as they try to “do something creative” with all the wildflowers blooming in Lander’s mom’s garden. Using their entrepreneurial thinking caps, the kids decide to make bouquets and sell them at the local festival.

Written with young kids in mind, this book is very accessible and fun, breaking down complicated business ideas into practical concepts that even the very young can understand and relate to. And the book is just the starting point. The authors invite young readers to brainstorm their own business ideas and send them to Bea, who then serves as a business consultant. The website is also phenomenal with sections for educators and parents, including study questions, teaching guides, and activities to do at home.

I enjoyed the content of this book and the illustrations were also great, featuring hidden pictures and quotes to get kids talking. Overall, this book goes beyond just exposing young children to the basics of business, it encourages kids to take it to the next level and try out entrepreneurship for themselves. A great gift, party favor, or even book club read, check it out with your elementary kids today.

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A copy of Bea is for Business was provided for this review.  All of the opinions expressed above are my own.