What: Free CrossFit Introductory Class, taught by Jenneane, mom of two and Regional CrossFit competitor

When: Wednesday, November 13 at 9:30am

Where: Reebok Crossfit Charlotte Uptown, 415-D Mint Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 (corner of 1st and Mint: right across the street from Bank of America Stadium). Parking is on the street in front of Reebok Crossfit Charlotte Uptown and there are also meters located on 1st St. and along the stadium.

I am excited to share an opportunity for you to try (for free!) a passion of mine–CrossFit! Don’t stop reading here–even if you think CrossFit is not for you– Please, hear me out!! CrossFit has been quite controversial in the media lately (you may have seen a picture of the very pregnant mom-to-be lifting weights in the news); however, when performed correctly, it is one of the best fitness programs you will ever experience. When I use the term “best,” it is not only because of the killer workout you will get, but also because it is fun, challenging, constantly changing, and most of all, you become part of an awesome community of people. CrossFit uses the term “functional fitness” because you train muscles using movements that are natural for your body-movements we are physiologically built to perform. So, not only will you look better in your skinny jeans, but it will be easier to pick up your baby, squat down to tie shoes, carry groceries, and play with your kiddos on the floor. The other big benefit: time! As parents, time is in short supply and CrossFit uses as little as any method of fitness I have ever tried (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot). A typical workout can range from 8-30 minutes, in addition to a warm up and cool down.

I will go into more about the specifics of CrossFit in a follow up post, but please come and join us for a free introduction to CrossFit, specifically for moms, taught by a mom, on Wednesday, November 13 at 9:30am. And, you get to check out the hottest new CrossFit box in town (there are some funny terms you will get used to, and instead of “gym” we use “box” due to the fact that CrossFit facilities are often in large box-shaped warehouse buildings)! Do not worry about your current fitness level as the workouts are completely scalable to whatever level you are at. Come on out, give it a try and meet some new friends! Please note, however, that there is not childcare, so partner up with a friend, split a sitter for an hour or so and get a great workout!

Even if you think the Uptown location will not work for you on a regular basis, you are still welcome to come give this workout a try (no one is trying to sell you anything, we just really love CrossFit and want others to experience it!). There are great CrossFit facilities all over the city, and Reebok CrossFit Charlotte Uptown has a fantastic sister site, CrossFit Charlotte on Monroe Road. Check out both websites for more information.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!