Being a former college athlete, I often synthesize things in a sports/game type mIMG_5722entality: making a choice to do it (trying out for the team), get started (receiving that team invitation), preparing for the event (practices), and finally reaching the big event (game night)!  As I reflect on my first pregnancy, I recognize I began this amazing process with the same mentality, but I am now realizing the outcome cannot be broken down in quite the same way.

I thought I had done everything right in preparing for this pregnancy (notice I did not say baby!). My husband and I waited what we thought was an appropriate amount of time before making the choice to try and get pregnant. We had some time to get our home together, we had some time for travel, we had plenty of  time to be selfish, we had plenty of time for a little par-tay, and just as we settled into a good routine, we decided it was time to try to get pregnant (i.e. trying our for the team)!

After what felt like for-ev-er (but was really only about 5 months) I got that positive result (just as I was about to settle into my Friday evening wine relaxation mode)! So, wine glass passed on to hubby, we were at step two: we made the team!

Being a BIG TIME planner for any major event, I moved smoothly along to the next step: practices. For me, this involved lots of research (maybe a bit too much for my sometimes worrisome mind!). I read all I could about the first stages of pregnancy: how to eat, how to workout, how to save money, how to prepare the house, how to set up a registry, how to, how to, how to. I finally settled into a normal routine again and, for the first time, began to realize that despite all of the research and advice out there, the most important thing for me to do was to listen to my body, calm my mind, and enjoy the pregnancy! Humble took on a brand new meaning for me. Once I began to listen to my body, it was clear that there were lots of changes happening, some which I was prepared for, and some that I wasn’t! Expanding waistline, sure, I knew that was going to happen, but having to back off at the gym and not get my best times-what?! Learning to listen to my body and the growing baby inside helped in this great transition. It became easier to trust my body and follow my instincts once I accepted that there were big changes happening and that was OK!

Now, as we approach game night, I feel as though I know enough about being pregnant, and have made the necessary adjustments, but what about when the game is over (i.e. baby is delivered)?   Unlike a typical sporting event, I have suddenly discovered that this game has no end! Being pregnant might be over for me any day now, but Baby C will be here to stay! Now I suppose, as with any successful sports team, we don’t stop here. We move on to preparation for the next game (and the next, and the next). But, for this girl, who likes to see how the hard work pays off with a successful win, I suppose it might be time to try a new way to synthesize information. Or maybe it’s just time to go with the flow and let things happen as they will. One thing is for sure: this pregnancy has taught me that there are so many things you can’t control and as my mom recently told me, at some point you just have to have faith!

What has your pregnancy taught you?