I am pretty confident in my ability to find good deals on things for me, my husband or our house. Heck, I’ve even negotiated a few cars and our house to a rate I thought was fair. But baby things…this is all new territory!

I have scoured Craigslist, watched the ads and collected baby store coupons. I keep hearing about all of these children’s consignment sales (apparently Fall is “Consignment Season”), so, I decided to enter the frontier of shopping consignment (or at least attempt to).

First lesson learned: Go early.

We traveled up to the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo a couple of weekends ago for the TTB Kidz Fall Consignment Sale.  We arrived around 10am on Sunday. The sale began at 9am on Friday. As we entered the large room filled with clothing racks and tables, I thought there appeared to be quite a bit of merchandise. As we were quickly told, it was nothing compared to two days prior. As we browsed, the items were definitely picked over, but tables were still full. As the weekend progresses, greater discounts are applied to certain goods, so many items were now at 60% off the initial price. While we didn’t find much (mainly since we don’t know the sex of our baby), lots of people had bags or boxes full of clothes and other miscellaneous items. It seems that this sale, which happens twice a year, is set up quite well. There were large aisles to walk through (making it easier for strollers and walking little ones), there were electronic checkouts that accepted cash, Visa and MasterCard, and there was a bounce house to keep the kids entertained.

Second Lesson: Bring your own shopping bag/box if you plan to load up on the deals.

Ikea bags and laundry baskets (with string attached for an easy pull) seemed to be the containers of choice.

Third Lesson: Go with a plan.

While I love to shop, I do get overwhelmed in very large shopping marts, so it would definitely be helpful to have a list or a plan of attack prior to arriving. I visited the Posh Closet Fine Children’s Consignment Sale at the beginning of August and definitely should have had a better plan. This was definitely NOT set up for children to attend. The room was tiny and there was little room for walking children, let alone strollers. It was primarily clothes only and I was looking for some baby gear, so it was a quick visit for me! I’ll be sure to head back next year for the clothes (looked like nice quality and large selection), but will have a much better plan of attack!

Fourth Lesson: Carry cash.

Even though many sales now accept credit, I always feel as though I am more careful with my cash and it is easier to keep track of exactly how great a deal I find!

Upcoming Consignment Sales:

For Every Season Fall Sale  August 21-24, Fort Mill, SC

Carolina Kids Sale  September 4-8, Mooresville, NC

Harrison UMC Kids Consignment Sale  September 5-7, Pineville, NC

Kats Kid Sale  September 11-14, Charlotte, NC

Assurance UMC Children’s Consignment Sale  September 13 & 14, Huntersville, NC

Harris YMCA Kids Konsignment Sale  September 13-14, Charlotte, NC

Teri Kidz Consignment Sale  September 15-24, Mooresville, NC

Sail Again Children’s Consignment  Septmeber 18-21, Charlotte, NC

Sardis Weekday School Consignment Sale  September 21, Charlotte, NC

Green Jeans Consignment  September 25-28, Mooresville, NC

The Upscale Wee Sale  October 17-20, Rock Hill, SC

Back on the Rack Consignment Sale  October 24-26, Monroe, NC


Where are your favorite spots to find the best deals?