As moms, we are always looking for new and exciting things to do with our kids – new activities that are not just fun for the kids, but fun for us as well! I always like to try to find activities that will take up most of my morning or afternoon to make the thirty minutes that it takes to get out of the house with two dressed toddlers, snacks, sippie cups, diapers, strollers – and if I am really on my game, extra outfits – worth it.

A recent find for us was the ImagineOn Library located at 300 East Seventh Street in downtown Charlotte.  It is the perfect spot to take a morning Lynx ride into town, enjoy the library and then have lunch across the street at the 7th Street Public Market. An added bonus is the typewriter art work located just outside of the library. My kids loved jumping on the giant stone keys and watching the Lynx train buzz by.

We arrived at ImagineOn at around 10:30am and just missed the toddler story time (check the website for story time details). My kids were greeted by a happy and helpful staff and a puppet show area located to the right of the entrance. When you walk in to the left, there is a kids’ library with every book a child could ever want to read. Further to the left, we found a life sized display of Arthur books. My kids LOVED cooking in the kitchen with Arthur, answering the phone, performing with a green screen behind them so they could look up at themselves on TV with different Arthur characters, and placing felt scraps of fabric on a giant wall. As we worked our way up the ramp of the library, we found a life-size wooden truck that my kids quickly jumped in. Hannah took over the steering wheel and James climbed into the back of the truck along with two or three other kids.

Once we finished at the library, we walked across the street to the 7th Street Public Market. Hannah and James had a great time looking at all of the spices, flowers, chocolate and food.  There were lots of delicious lunch options.  While the kids sipped on milk and munched on homemade chips, Ryan and I enjoyed a gourmet ham and brie sandwich. On the way home, we had a hard time keeping the kids awake.

So if you are looking for an outing in the Charlotte area that is low on cost and high on entertainment and time out of the house, a trip on the Lynx to ImaginOn Library is the perfect way to spend the morning or the afternoon. Imaginon