med formSo, you have finally decided to take the plunge: you are going for a weekend away without kids in tow! You pack your one bag (it is amazing how little you actually need when it is just two adults), make lists for your parents who will be watching your children, make sure that your daughter has her beloved “baby,” and you hit the road. While you are gone you will worry about ridiculous things like I hope my daughter doesn’t smear poop on the wall during nap time or I hope my son doesn’t feed the dog too much table food. But while most parents are worrying about these things, they are not worrying about one key document that could save themselves, their children and their parents vital time and stress in the event of an emergency.

This document is called a “Medical Release for Minor Children.” The purpose of the release is to authorize a caregiver or in this case, your parents, to seek medical treatment for your child. A Medical Release for Minor Children can be tailored to be as general or as specific as you would like. For example, the document can grant your parents the authority to obtain medical treatment for your child, provide information regarding a physician, a preferred hospital, health insurance and medications.  While most hospitals will treat a child who has emergency injuries, what if your child has a fever or needs stitches? I know this was a comforting document for me to have when we were out of town and my son came down with a bad case of croup that landed him in the emergency room late one night while we were out of town.

So, next time you are packing for a much needed weekend away, don’t forget to add a Medical Release for Minor Child to your check list of things to do.

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