Marble Jars – Rewarding Good Behavior

My husband and I first realized that our oldest daughter was excited about rewards when we started potty training.  We did a sticker chart where we would give her a sticker each time she went to

Guest Post :: Four Ways to Help Your Family

Your Family Will Never Be a “Modern Family.” Here it is, straight up: Modern Family is fictional. So are the Cosbys, the Cullens, George and the Man With the Yellow Hat, the Griswalds, Carrie and

Carolina Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is once again back in North Carolina. Just north of Charlotte, in Huntersville, this special fair takes you back in time to the 16th century where you can see lords and

Guest Post: Where to Trick or Treat in the Charlotte Area

Witches and goblins and ghosts – oh my! Whether you dread it or wait for it all year long, it’s that time again. Halloween is here in all of its glory! While you may

Guest Post: The Thing About Infant Massage

“I didn’t even know infant massage existed!” This is a common and unfortunate comment that I hear many times when I talk about my work. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but

Got a Case of the Mom Beauty Blahs? | 4 Quick Beauty Services

Every girl gets the beauty blahs. You know, when you look in the mirror and think, “Meh, I need a new look.” But, for whatever reason, those beauty blahs took on a whole new

Train Like a Mother…we like pie and have no free time

Hey Moms! It is that time of year again. The season of overflowing candy, cakes, pies and parties has begun! I mean seriously, is it wrong that I have already been drooling and dreaming

Football 101 for Charlotte Moms: Part Two

Oh Panthers, this is bad. I am writing this post while watching our team get dominated by the Green Bay Packers. The looks of disappointment are filling my living room. The high from previous

New Momma Musings: 1st Birthday Bash (on a Budget!)

One year …OMG! Never before have I thought of a single year as such a big accomplishment, time warp, and “OMG how did I make it through a year?” all at once. Nor have

DIY paint & pumpkins

Oh, the dreaded rainy days, being stuck in the house with a baby who is crawling and pulling up on everything. We were struggling to find things to do indoors this past weekend, thank the Lord