The Compassion Experience

The month we found out we were pregnant with our oldest daughter, we also brought a unique child into our family!  We began sponsoring a 6 year old little boy in Ethiopia through Compassion International, a Christian

Celebrate a Holiday Every Month of the Year – Even If It’s Totally Weird

Happy National Kazoo Day! Woot woot! Time to live up this January 28 with a little live music-making thanks to our little friend the kazoo. Don’t overdo yourself, friend. After all, this little holiday

Mom’s Go-To Snacks

Having a new baby means a lot of washing. Washing new toys and new clothes. Washing hands after diaper changes, washing pacifiers – unless you’re lucky enough to catch them before they hit the

A Bit of Encouragement

Truth be told, we all feel like failures as a parent at some point or another.  Some weeks more than others, but in reality, I am convinced we are just crazy. I will be

Giveaway! :: Koko’s Shoppe Package

  Time for our FIRST giveaway of 2015! One lucky Charlotte Moms Blog reader can win this fantastic package from Koko’s Shoppe! Koko’s Shoppe originated in Charlotte, NC but recently relocated to West Babylon, New

Pretty and Purposeful…

It’s a new year and there are so many new and wonderful mothers out there with stories waiting to be told.  This year I will continue to share more Charlotte Mom She-Roes with you. I

Life with a New Baby: Expectations vs. Reality

Most of my expectations of what life with a newborn would be like were based on the things I had heard while pregnant, and a good amount from reading the “What to Expect” books.

My Foundation to Wellness- Week One

It has been a long week for me.  I’ve been sick/exhausted since Sunday.  I have been taking naps after school and going to bed before 9:30 each night.  I had to cancel plans (which

Music Together in Charlotte

Just last week, Shannon shared “8 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom” and in number 8, she talked about attending classes, particularly music.  I was so excited to see her post and link to Music Together

Part-Time Work And the Unachievable Concept of Balance

Everyone says having a baby changes everything. And, for the most part, I can agree with that sentiment. Before having my little girl, I was what many would describe as a driven, career-minded work-aholic.