5 Baby Products That Mom Can Use Too

I wouldn’t exactly call myself frugal. You’re not going to find me extreme couponing or obsessively yard sale-ing, but I’m certainly not one to pass up a good deal or save a couple of

Cloth Diapering Realities

When we learned we were expecting our first son, I went a little crazy researching and learning about all of the “right” things to buy for him – from the organic crib mattress and bedding, to

Art in the City

September 3rd was National Skyscraper day – go ahead and add that you your trivial pursuit repertoire.  But I mention this to say that my girls LOVE the city skyline and to go “down

Taking a Break

Mommies, I do not know about you, but I usually feel some great amounts of guilt when I start feeling like I need Me Time.  I wonder what kind of mom I am to

September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

What do you think of when you see a gold ribbon?  For some of us, we think about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  None of my children have cancer or have had cancer, and I pray


A Trip to Zootastic

A few weeks ago, we went up to Zootastic to hang out with some animals. Zootastic, in Troutman, is kind of like Lazy 5 Ranch and features many animals to see such as tigers, llamas,

Parent-Teacher Communication

Do you have a child in school? If so, here’s your opportunity to think about a very important relationship that you may be overlooking: The one you have with your child’s teacher(s). Let me start

Your Wellness Coach

You are expecting your first baby!  You want to have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy… You’ve just had your baby, and want to make sure that you AND your baby are adjusting to motherhood!

The Grumpy Neighbor….What do you do?

The Grumpy Neighbor….What do you do?   Hi Friends! A few years ago, my family moved from our eclectic neighborhood in Plaza Midwood to the Cotswold area. It was a hard decision, but our