Breastfeeding, and… Mastitis!

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – 7th), we’re bringing you a week full of posts about – you guessed it! – breastfeeding. From the basics of nursing to identifying common issues, supplies

The Perfect Planner: momAgenda

If you ask my friends, my family or my boss, they will all tell you that I am very organized and pretty detail oriented.  Working part time makes planning a weekly schedule kind of

Sensory Play: Outdoor Edition

We’re still in the heat of summer and I know some days can be a little treacherous out there, but what’s better to help grow and stimulate little minds and bodies than outdoor sensory play? And just

48 Hours Without Kids { Ready. Set. Go.}

Howdy! A couple of weekends ago my husband and kids traveled to Asheville, North Carolina. The main purpose of the visit was for my husband to see Beck, but we also have family up

Dear Elmo…

Dear Elmo, Oh, Elmo. You three-and-a-half-year-old red, furry monster living on good old Sesame Street. You googley-eyed fuzzy scarlet troublemaker with your maniacal laugh and meaningful lessons on compassion. You’ve become quite the nosey

Kids Bowl Free

Summer is sadly (and not so slowly) creeping to an end.  And it’s getting hotter and hotter each day.  One thing my kids and I love to do to beat the heat (and stay

Good-bye to the Bottle

A couple of weeks ago, Sam had his last bottle. A moment that I dreaded, not because I was afraid he was going to cry and lose it because he was going to bed

This Little Piggy went to Market…

In case you haven’t noticed summer is in full effect. All the green things are growing and the products of the earth are bountiful.  There is no shortage of guides, pamphlets or resources on

Your Tribe: It Really Does Take a Village

“It takes a village.” We’ve all heard – and probably uttered – these words before. When I became a mom almost five years ago, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of family,

Easy, Breezy Mom Beauty

I am pretty far from being a girly girl. I grew up a tomboy in a family of all boys. Clothes and make-up didn’t really appeal to me until I got to college. I