A day in the life: Mama to a 3 month old

7:00 am (give or take): Start the day. Our baby, Jack, wakes up chatting – this is new and SO cute. I go unswaddle him and I am greeted with smiles. A daily morning reminder

Lowe’s Build & Grow

I have a very hands on little boy.  For the better part of the last six months, he has been obsessed with his daddy’s tools and helping “fix” things.  It all started with an

A Day in the Life with 3 Under 4

2:21 AM – Baby girl wakes up for her first feeding of the night. At 6 months, her nighttime sleep is erratic – some nights she wakes every 2 to 3 hours, other nights

Easter in Charlotte

Easter Egg Hunts & Festivals

A Day in the Life – Jackie

6:35 a.m. Alarm rings and vibrates at highest obnoxious volume from my phone.  I expertly snooze with my eyes shut. 6:44 a.m. Alarm repeats, my expert reflexes repeat again. (this goes on for a very

Bling for the Busy Mom & GIVEAWAY

Hey there, Mommas! It’s officially Spring and I’m celebrating by hosting a giveaway for YOU – the fabulous readers of the Charlotte Moms Blog! First, I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name

A (Work) Day in the Life of a Part-Time Working Mom

6:00am: Much to our constant surprise, the child awakens with a roaring scream from the room next door. Why it’s always a surprise that she arises so early every day, I’ll never know. Perhaps


Every now and then its nice to take a minute from the mayhem, that is the life of a mother, to reflect.   How does that saying go? ….”The days are long and the years

Meet Our New Sponsor: The Spotted Giraffe Children’s Boutique

Charlotte Moms Blog is passionate about parenting and the Queen City itself. We love to support not only local moms and dads, but local businesses as well, which is why we’re so excited for

The Perfect Babysitter

When I first moved to Charlotte, I went through the usual myriad of motions one goes through when moving: unpacking, cleaning, setting up utilities, crying, pulling my hair out, etc. But, it took about